Before Class

Today I found myself walking around the University’s campus before class. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. The temperature in the hallways was perfect and the climate control was on point. I wasn’t sweating like I usually do and felt unusually hygienic or “fresh” before having to lecture. I […]


From The Revisionist: Rise of the Prosumer

“In the future, further work should deconstruct categories of medicine, psychiatry, and social work and encourage strength based approaches that will supplant new-institutionalization and create a new gold standard in treatment” (Maxwell Guttman, Mental Health Diagnosis: Axioms, Continuum, and Future Directions) 2018 “Congratulations, Jacques, on your publication!” Jonas, […]

Lost Chapter of UOW: Bombs over New London University

The next step in Contesting Admission seemed rather obvious to me. Pummel the English Department into submission. In the words of President George W. Bush, this will be “shock and awe”. The plan was simple. Bombard the department with paperwork over all kinds. Inundating them with busy work […]

This is the Ending I Always Wanted to Write for University on Watch

The dew on campus was moist with retribution. Jacques Peters kneeled on on the grass and felt the wetness of the grass between his fingers. “It’s over, I’ve won” Jacques whispered to himself. Jacques eyes were firmly fixed on the bottom of the Bartle Library tower by the […]

The Revisionist✍️: Rise of the Prosumer (Chapters 1&2)

Preface The Revisionist describes events I experienced beginning in 2008, the year that I graduated from college at New England University. However, the actual writing began shortly after the completion of Small Fingernails Even Less Love, which chronicles the impact of my mental health condition on events leading […]

The Revisionist: rise of the prosumer, axioms, and future directions in Mental Health Affairs

When I first began writing about mental health, and topics concerning my own experience with schizophrenia, I was a bit naive. I thought since I lived through “this”, meaning, the various incidents, challenges, and pitfalls of my disorder people who struggled with similar hazards in their life could […]

Lost UOW chapter: $50 dollar bills for Recovery

My perception was shifting everyday. At first the shift was gradual, eventually dramatically altered. The community appeared different. People seemed to behave differently and have different motives. All I wanted was to connect with the changing world around me in Liberty. This was increasingly difficult to do when […]

Lost Chapter of University on Watch: The History of Rhetorical Theory

The success of Contesting Admission hinged upon my ability to make such waves in the English department that my status as a student could no longer be ignored. The department was resisting and defending their decision at all costs. This resistance included their decision not only to reject […]

Socialization and Support for those Carrying a Diagnosis: Preparing Friends and Relatives with the Resources to be Allies in Recovery

For quite some time now it has been accepted and recommended by researchers in mental health treatment for people to be socially active. Indeed, for those of us carrying a diagnosis or struggling with a behavioral health condition it is both vital and crucial for people to stay […]

The Peer Support System Within Mental Health Is Broken and We Need to Fix It

I am a consumer of mental health services, I am also a professional licensed social worker. I’ve done supervisory, engagement, and worked as a mental health therapist. I was also apart of the peer movement in mental health from its inception. I was out there, advocating, protesting, and […]

The Internal Conflict Of A Peer Specialist In The Making.

The contradictory role of peer specialist is less conflicting in terms of transitioning from consumer to provider then it is transitioning from an activated response to a more trauma informed perspective. It’s sort of like deciphering the difference between an automatic post traumatic response, and an enhanced coping […]

Reflections on Neesa’s Blog article: How My Schizoaffective Disorder Helps Me Help Others

So, I was just reading an article by Neesa Suncheuri called: How My Schizoaffective Disorder Helps Me Help Others In this article, the author likens the side effects (no pun intended) of not working and responding to the impact of paralyzing mental health symptoms as a strength. This […]

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