Never surrender to mental illness and never give up!

Establishing the 1st International Treaty for Rights and Duties in Mental Health

Experience makes us see the importance of seeking standardized protocols in the treatment and daily maintenance of people in mental

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Human Rights Coalition for Latin America Mental Hygiene & Social Justice

The OBDH (Observatorio Brasileiro de Diretos Humanos) have been working intensively ever since its creation helping and supporting all Brazilian peopl

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Gross Violence Against People with a Mental Health diagnosis in Brazil

On June 17, 2021, in Brazil, Police invaded a home and, with three shots, killed Hamilton Cesar Lima Bandeira, a

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The Value of Good Complex Case Management for Comorbid Psychiatric Issues

However, my efforts were not always enough, and on two occasions, I was given rental violations due to my disorganized apartment.

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SNL’s ‘LOCO’ Speaks a Truth about ‘Displays’ rooted in Mental Illness

hen the worker finds him or herself front and center in the life of the client. Becoming the object of their desire and madness, emotions and even feelings of safety become subsumed into the client’s new playground.  

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