• The future of J. Peters and the next book

    There is no mistaking it. The Revisionist, the third installment in the J. Peters series has run into excessive costly delays, and is now, fully stalled. This is not writers block. The story is simply unfinished. J. Peters life has not run its course yet, and the narrative around his recovery has not yet been… Continue Reading

  • The J Peters Reality Tour🤷‍♂️

    I’ve been getting a lot of questions, and I mean a lot, about the status of the J Peters reality tour. Let’s talk about it here and put to rest any outstanding rumors surrounding this historic event. The J Peters reality tour can best be described as a hydra of increasingly concerning and poorly organized… Continue Reading

  • Mentally Ill in the Catskills of New York😇

    I have traveled all over the world. Before, after, and during my most psychotic episodes, I have been privileged in the realm of touring, travel and seeing the world at large. After I attempted suicide in high school, my parents took me on a Caribbean cruise on a premier passenger line. After my break in… Continue Reading

  • The Prosumer Technocrat🔢🔀

    I’m am very much public about my status as a prosumer in the mental health community. I’ve outed myself time and again. People ask me about my book series all the time, which is also very much congruent with my prosumer identity: “Max, what is so different about your books/memoirs than any other person with… Continue Reading

  • Lost UOW chapter: $50 dollar bills for Recovery

    My perception was shifting everyday. At first the shift was gradual, eventually dramatically altered. The community appeared different. People seemed to behave differently and have different motives. All I wanted was to connect with the changing world around me in Liberty. This was increasingly difficult to do when my resources ran dry. For a while,… Continue Reading

  • What keeps me pushing forward?

    I am field instructor for graduate and undergraduate student in social work going for their bachelors and masters degrees. I am also a professor of social work in a university. As a field instructor, I am the point person in the field where social work students at the university level go to their placement or… Continue Reading

  • Seeking the help of a Tertiary Care Hospital

    As a clinical social worker, I am always interested in the level of care abstraction that defines systems in medical and mental health facilities. As a person who has had more hospitalizations than he can remember, I have learned how to navigate and understand systems of care as a prosumer. As a professional consumer of… Continue Reading

  • The Revisionist✍️

    Far too many stories and firsthand accounts of recovery are terminal and end with a cure or picturesque life for the consumer of services or “sick” person. This recovery narrative is different. This is a story about struggle, ongoing collateral pushback from friends, and internalized self-doubt. Chronic illness, either rooted in psychiatric or medical symptoms,… Continue Reading

  • Small Fingernails, Even Less Love💕

    Sometimes, love finds us; other times, love is a trauma that hurls itself into the very fabric of our lives. My experiences at New London University explain how traumatic events and life’s unfortunate turns can become amplified and overshadow our understanding of how love and friendship should contribute to our lives. The sages say love… Continue Reading

  • The Trilogy 📚3️⃣

    The time is upon us! I need to address the ongoing rumors circulating around my writing. Ever since I have announced a second novella, Small Fingernails, Even Less Love 💕 , there has been undeniable chatter in the literary world. Upon hearing the new novella was, in fact, the prequil to University on Watch👓, the… Continue Reading

  • 🅱️iologic Theory

    Research must be wholly beneficial to the public, it must be free and rife for regard for society. As a prosumer and mental health interventionist researcher, I have sought nothing but a bold new model that works for the masses. Therapy that is both targeted, yet beneficial to all conditions and diagnosable disorders (impairments, both… Continue Reading

  • The Right to Fail

    The right to fail. To live our lives as people that are flawed, diagnosed, mentally ill the the way we see fit to do so. In New York State, and many other states in the United States, unless you are mandated, or in a AOT (Assisted Out Patient Treatment) or forced treatment program, you can… Continue Reading

  • Use of metaphors in the therapy office 🕵️‍♂️

    If you are a patient, or psychotherapist, the odds are you have been encouraged to use metaphors in the therapy room. I teach family therapy at the university level, and have been a family therapist for a decade. I can say that this overemphasis on utilizing metaphors to communicate, illustrate points, and evoke the imagination… Continue Reading

  • Pedagogy and Practice for Social Workers🎓

    I am a very, very passionate learner. I believe in education, and anyone who reads my writing understands my love of learning. Partially due to a trauma suffered in my experience in higher education as an undergraduate, I learned to love the pursuit of higher learning, again, and again. My story is the narrative of… Continue Reading

  • I am J. Peters and this is my story: University on Watch👁

    I am a rhetoric scholar and a person with lived experience with schizophrenia. I am also a prosumer. My identity aside, the status of Disability studies and narratives, memoirs, and stories that aim to reclaim the writers lost authorial voice are in demand. These stories offer catharsis—Upon reflection, after writing this novella, I am still… Continue Reading

  • The Mobility of Recovery

    There is an undeniable mobility to recovery. Moving forward in your path to health and healing requires an inertia. From rate of recovery, the very speed and velocity required to push life’s pash setbacks, to identifying a sustainable pace, is a space and feat that requires a high level of self awareness and knowledge of… Continue Reading

  • Learned Helplessness Must be Stopped🔴

    One of my biggest struggles as a social worker in the human services is challenging learned helplessness. Learned helplessness is a phenomena in which clients, patients, or any person connected to a larger system becomes so conditioned by it that they begin to need connection to it as if being a recipient of services becomes… Continue Reading

  • The Titanic

    I have a framed portrait of the Titanic in my mental health private practice. Many people ask me: What does the Titanic have to do with having good mental health and practicing self-management? The answer is, it has everything to do with exhibiting good mental health. This past holiday season I had the pleasure of… Continue Reading

  • Continuing Education 🔄

    I was asked to write down three things I cannot live without on a piece of scrap paper for a seminar on interpretation. At that time, I was floridly psychotic, self-referential, tangential, and totally detached from what was happening to me, around me, and despite of me. On the paper I wrote down three things… Continue Reading

  • The power of Social Work language: a linguistic analysis🔠

    The power of the social work language is rooted in the very words we social workers use everyday. There is no question, that the language of the social work profession is a limitless lexicon that is miraculously positive in its composition, ability to connect across differences, and illuminating when signaling the relative urgency, scale, and… Continue Reading

  • A Nation Divided Learns to Heal

    What Does WW2 history inform todays world about Macro-Level healing in a global context? The Psychological Occupation of France In 1940 France fell to overwhelming German military superiority. The fall of France however and the unfolding French surrender are two very different stories. In Versailles the stage was set for the most elaborate conspiracy that… Continue Reading

  • A Fond Farewell to Mary✌️

    The pictures posted are from a secretly videotaped meeting with my care manager and his director at a non-profit agency in Westchester NY. For three months, I have been calling and trying to reach my care manager. I left message after message for weeks for this person. It’s the same old story in mental health… Continue Reading