Green, green the grass is so green All the tree leaves have turned green And the clouds are so low We can touch them, and so Come to the park, see it,green. Green, green is burstin’ alive Come out of our daytime dream Now run to the top […]

Crisis Intervention: A Guide To Emergency Response

Crisis Intervention workers need a comprehensive guide to emergency response for mental health consumers. This blog provides a strengths-based, clinical approach to crisis intervention. The blog will cover various topics, including psychiatric emergencies, suicide, and violence prevention; assessment and diagnostics; law enforcement and the criminal justice system; crisis […]

7 Ways to Manage Anger

Anger is a universal emotion we can all connect with – it’s simply life. We all get angry; it’s natural, but anger becomes a problem when it becomes too strong, happens too often, lasts too long, impacts relationships, or even works. We should act on it before it leads […]