My Experience in Recovery, Healing & Psychotherapy Interventions in Mental Health

I am a psychotherapist certified by the New York State Office of Mental Health in Evidence-Based Practices for children, adolescents, & adults with a mental health diagnosis. My experience & training are diverse… thus my methods & practice are rooted in a belief in recovery for everyone.

Through the course of treatment, my clients reveal their strength to live beyond their struggles.  My clients cultivate constructive self-management strategies to reduce their symptoms & develop coping strategies that actually

My experience includes practicing with an Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT) in upstate New York where I worked primarily with adults & families.

I also worked with the MHA system of care in Westchester County where I delivered mobile mental health services to children, adolescents, & families in need of home-based psychotherapy.

My experience in different types of outpatient mental health settings has contributed to my ability to work with a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, depression, self-esteem, mood disorders, ADHD, & behavior problems.

I recently published an article about psychiatric medication, psychotherapy, ethics, peer process and recovery in the Psychreg Journal of Psychology, December 2017. 

Utilizing an eclectic & collaborative approach, incorporating family systems theory, interpersonal & psychodynamic perspectives, dialectical behavioral therapy, & cognitive-behavioral techniques, I seek to help my clients reach a better understanding of  themselves & others so they can thrive & not just survive.


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