Total War: 21st Century Propaganda as a Model for Recovery


Everyday will be a fight. Everything a weapon in your arsenal against your illness. 

When you want to feel better, improve your health condition there needs to be no obstacle in your path to recovery. Success will depend on your capacity to identify problems and produce solutions quickly before issues become complications in your treatment. 
This article is not suggesting murdering people or groups that you are angry at or believe may be holding you back but instead to mobilize all your resources to achieve your goals.

Identifying available resources at your disposal will be critical in sustaining your treatment and maintaining the stamina you need to make those sustainable changes in your life for lasting success in recovery. Are you resource deprived? Poor? Homeless? 

Call your case or care managers! Daily if necessary. I’ve seen and done this myself. Your point person should be on redial until you are on the road to stable and well on your way to your goals. Get to know the system. Get to know entitlements available and what you need to do to qualify. All this information is available through your provider whom can start the process. 

There are still resources available for you if you connect with key players in the systems that serve your special needs group. There may be qualifying hoops to go through and steps ahead of you so start early and be prepared for delays. By being prepared for systemic delays and red tape to clear you are reducing gaps in your treatment. 

Commitment to care, adherence, and radical acceptance will be vital to preserving your belief in a positive outcome. It’s easy to disbelieve in recovery if you aren’t sticking to your treatment and completing your objectives in care.

Don’t expect results if you aren’t focused on your treatment & adherent with the recommendations of providers. Once you’ve evaluated the risks and benefits of your treatment path, complete journey until you’ve reached your goals. 


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