Addressing Symptoms

🅱️iologic Theory

Research must be wholly beneficial to the public, it must be free and rife for regard for society. As a prosumer and mental health interventionist researcher, I have sought nothing but a bold new model that works for the masses. Therapy that is both targeted, yet beneficial to all conditions and diagnosable disorders (impairments, both environmental, developmental and as this theory unfolds, at the root of it all: biological)

🅱️iologic theory is totalizing and yet person centered. Sitting a top a canon of research that suggests empirical driven, evidence based treatment must be as dichotomous as it is episodic, the vast continuum of working knowledge is mobilized and charged with the provision of care, treatment, and elaboration of mental health under the auspices of this new theory I am dispensing.

No limits, no frontier too unmanageable, just restricted and subsumed by nature itself. Biologic theory inserts itself with cautious regard for deterministic philosophy and the real limits imposed by nature and the finality of life itself. This is a prosumer approach to driving treatment forward. There is no question that the best and most effective practitioners must have a internal, real, and first hand experiential knowledge of how to implement this theory in practice.

The ultimate and proximate implications are thus not process or content driven, but wholly and inherently biological. Nature sets the quotient for change. Both self directed, internal, spiritual, and external, this is the person in his or her environment. The limits of our world mark the weak points and the strengths of each person. Our knowledge only drives us to the apex of understanding and is not defined but the process or content of the work. Meaning, only the therapist’s experience practicing and breadth of how the work works from lived experience as biological natural and interconnected people fundamentally are the real and final markers for outcomes and people’s journeys in life.

Rather than gesturing to overt or covert limitations biologic theory makes use of it instead of expelling determinism for its obvious reductionist and ableist underpinnings). Biologic theory has only two basic philosophical assumptions. These assumptions are 1) human capacity for change is limited by the biological nature of the bodies medical and psychiatric status and 2) all people are unique in their potential for change.

This dialectical approach satisfies not only deterministic, but categorical, diagnostic uses for treatment and sets the stage for empirical evidence to assemble legitimate canon of unbiased and differentiated future research. Even self deterministic views of people are satisfied and incorporated into the grand schema connecting biologic theory.

From untreatable, to the most canonical expressions of mental health disorders to acute and chronic conditions rooted in trauma. Biologic theory nurtures previous research and cultivates the conditions for lasting impact in definable treatment. Meaning, the limits of our capacity to retract, redirect or more biologically said, heal, is what this theory considers the aim of real mental health treatment. For people to be as successful in their mental hygiene as clinically possible, is both reciprocal to the material expression of their very DNA for healing will allow, and this theory implies sharply implies, driven by the reigns of the prosumer to enact this theory in practice.

For the prosumer: operating the therapist’s clinical scalpel is as important as his or her lens and gaze for interpreting the person being treated biological needs for healing. This is not based on content or process: but value. This value, for better or worse, must never be calculated for state sponsored selection for rehabilitation and assessment of greater worth to society. Instead, this theory must be applied to to society itself and the macro biological systems existent and ripe for change and urgent reform.

For 🅱️iologic theory to subsume all diseased and cancerous predating therapies much continue to harm the public and defer real, lasting, and natural means of treatment, we must test and research what I am laying out here in this constructivist argument for charging the canon of studies with biologic informed theory. We must work quickly and prudently. We must justify our work through our research.

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