Addressing Symptoms

New “Lost Chapter” Chapter of University on Watch: Register Co-sign Arrest

Handcuffed in front of my house, with broken glass from my car all over the place, I knew I had entered into a whole new phase of contesting admission. This new phase would not only take all my strength, but new mental powers which seemed to be emerging by the minute. Through the powers of hearing other peoples thoughts, broadcasting to others, I would need harness everything in my power to keep going and find the root of meta-power in Liberty.

To do so, I would need to work very closely with my friends in the FBI Witness Protection program. This would begin by signaling my distress and need for immediate help. With handcuffs on, I began walking in small circles in front of the police officers, chanting, “Register, Co-sign Arrest“. Meaning, in the process of contesting admission, and registering for further study, I was arrested, again, and needed the help of the federal government to keep my special project going.

The chant was also a beacon for my Doctoral Guard to be on notice. I had just spent a semester listening to this one particular doctoral student reuse and overuse the term co-sign. So, adopting the term, and using it as a signal to other doctoral students, I waited, and hoped, for the troops to arrive on the scene. But no doctoral students or otherwise came to my rescue.

The police gazed upon me chanting. I didn’t let up. I just kept chanting: “Register, Co-sign Arrest”. But to my avail, no federal officers appeared on the scene. None at all. Just more Liberty police, until I was finally taken into custody, and helped into the police vehicle. I couldn’t understand why no federal officers offered their help. After all, I had spent the last six months in their program, doing everything possible to further their purposes, and make visible to root of power in Liberty: meta-power.

The unfolding situation was particularly distressing for me. I had also just revealed to the United States government a secret Belgium operative, Dr. H. But she just stood there, with her broom, speaking quietly with the police officers. Frustrated I couldn’t hear her thoughts because her device was still at work in her secret laptop, I did my best to read her lips. I couldn’t understand anything though. I couldn’t understand how the Witness Protection program had screwed this operation up, or my own doing in the entire affair of Contesting Admission in Liberty this semester.

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