University on Watch: Crisis in the Academy, The Second Editon

To get right to it, I always felt University on Watch was unfinished. I am also a writer who believes in delivering information as fast as possible. Most of the blog posts which became chapters in the book were assembled to go, and the book was erected as soon as the story met my expectations in providing the reader something as vivid as it was valuable in scholarship.

The first edition left critical areas of the narrative absent. These aspects of University on Watch simply weren’t available to dispense just yet. Some might say I held back. Others would argue that I didn’t have the language to speak to the events I was considering to add to the book. My rationale, at the root of it, was simple. The novella released in March was constructed only for temporary and initial consumption by the reader. This version was meant to guide and orient the reader until the final version of the book was completed.

If I had released the polished full length version in March when pressed to offer more chapters the wellspring of material would have been depleted. Most of all, the material and density of the final version is far to rich for the reader to consume in one sitting. You can call it what you want, I did the reader a favor and assisted everyone in the controlled distribution of what I believe is a story far to bold to process at the length required to capture all the events the full version of the book has within its pages.

I couldn’t be more proud of the full length, polished complete version of University on Watch. Over thirty percent of the writing is new, other chapters, have been refitted and reconfigured for optimal reading for the benefit of the reader. Key elements and themes have been strengthened, and a signature chapter, titled none other than. “University on Watch” lets the reader to re-imagine the entire storyline in one mountaintop experience in literature.

The book even adds a character, and brings back a familiar name from Small Fingernails. Yes, this book connects the dots in a way the original novella only gestures to, but never quite takes the leap. In a few short months, this second edition will be available to the general public and the the original novella will be a first edition keepsake. Hold on to it, cherish its initial and lasting impact that called upon you to read more of Jacques Peters and his friends in New London University. There, in the city of Liberty, we learn the true meaning of oppression, injustice, and the will make the impossible, possible.

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