The future of J. Peters and the next book

There is no mistaking it. The Revisionist, the third installment in the J. Peters series has run into excessive costly delays, and is now, fully stalled. This is not writers block. The story is simply unfinished. J. Peters life has not run its course yet, and the narrative around his recovery has not yet been completed in the natural world. Until then, future work will take a giant course correction. Some might call it a tectonic shift, others might say its the long overdue direction in Peters books.

Without further delay, I am here to reveal the next book in the J. Peters series: “Wales High School: First Diagnosis”. This book will shake the very foundation of young adult non fiction literature. This book will also get underneath the root of Small Fingernails, elaborating on the urgency of J. Peters mission to New London University and new life he sought to establish for himself after his heart-wrenching experience in Wales high school. Wales High School: First Diagnosis will follow the life of young J. Peters in his junior and senior years at Wales high school when the shadow of his mental health disorder first entered his young life and his primary education environment.

The reader will get a first hand look at Jacques attitude in the classroom in Wales High School. From English class, to Biology, Jacques Peters character will take on new life and meaning for readers interested in how this iconic character became the person who initiated Contesting Admission in University on Watch. Indeed, Jacques will contest admission to classes in this book, petitioning into honors level classes where he was restricted from due to poor performance as a result of his new mental health disorder and burgeoning social problem which will blossom into full blown stalking, warranting the attention of Wales police and the psychiatric hospital. Readers should be prepared for joy, hope, grief, and labored panic stricken horror as this book unfolds and is prepared for the public at large this fall.


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