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J. Peters has always been “Watching”

I want to make it very much known to all that read this, that J. Peters has always been watching, long before he put any University on Watch. Indeed, during history’s most decisive and defining moments, I’ve always been there, gazing upon the events as they unfolded…

I am to history what transhistoricism is to historicity. History’s anointed one. From Julius Caesar’s crossing of the River Rubicon, to humankind’s first steps on the moon, I’ve been there.

When the last confederate train fired up its great coal engines, and President Jefferson Davis, pulled out of the Confederate Capital at Richmond Virginia signaling the end of the American Civil War, I was there…watching.

I was there when first landing vehicles hit the beaches of France at Normandy, watching countless people fall in the name of democracy and freedom. I’ve watched, and will always be watching history form and clear a path for Liberty across the globe, and everywhere tyranny, injustice and discrimination haunt us. Until people do what must be done for our species to survive the ages and take our power back from the savage instincts of yesterday I will be there, watching and hoping.

I‘ve watched and I’ve hoped. I will always hope that freedom and liberty continue to prevail over the darkest manifestations of this humanity. A humanity enshrined in beauty and haunted by the specter and its long standing perverse converse: inhumanity.

While I cannot go ahead and clear the path for humanity to move forward, my watchful eyes, my gaze, will always force humanity to continue to look inward. Confronting its great destiny, and discovering its own meaning and the greatest signified:

the free floating or universal signifier.

Gilded in humanity’s potential and composed of limitless possibilities for its future.

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