Self Help

The mirage of my distortion

I have adapted this new radical perspective that is based on a newfound moral ground that I think is absolutely necessary regardless of inbred and conditioned responses. This means that I am adapting a hypocritical comfortability with indirectly asserting a particular boundary “ please fuck off. I’m am off the clock and my insanity is my priority which quite frankly doesn’t allow me the capacity of feeling quite compassionate at the moment. Join me if you wish but please just shut the f***k up. I demand time to focus on the reality that is my life. I just can not entertain small talk or wish full thinking… I have a geriatric pitbull to tend to.. and a commitment to decompress.
I’m fighting between committing to this new found glory of “peer work” and sub-coming to that temptation and desire to “tilt my head down, place my tail between my legs for the sake of a delusional state of happiness, and just give up on the passion that pulses through my veins.”

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