On Mad Advantage: A Letter to ‘The Normals’ and to the Rest of Us – by Diane R. Wiener (originally published in the Huffington Post)




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    Diane R. Wiener’s first full-length poetry collection, The Golem Verses, was published in 2018 by Nine Mile Press. Her poems appear in Nine Mile Magazine, Wordgathering, Tammy, Queerly, The South Carolina Review, and elsewhere. Poetry is forthcoming in the Welcome to the Resistance anthology; creative nonfiction is forthcoming in Stone Canoe. Diane’s flash fiction appears in Ordinary Madness (Weasel Press). After serving as Guest Editor for Nine Mile Literary Magazine’s Fall 2019 Special Double Issue on Neurodivergent, Disability, Deaf, Mad, and Crip poetics, Diane was appointed Assistant Editor for the magazine. In 2020, Diane became Editor-in-Chief of Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature. A Research Professor at Syracuse University, where she also teaches in the Honors program, Diane has published widely on disability, pedagogy, and empowerment, among other subjects.

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