Self Help


Summer is here

For all to reflect on the year

And of course, never fear

That Howard is here.



Summer is here to have fun

To enjoy a day or two in the sun

Be safe the virus is not done

And please put away that gun.



Summer is here for all to relax

Not thinking about all these attacks

Trying not to worry about the facts

Time for daydreaming on our backs.



Summer is here as we will leave June

And the heat will arrive very soon

Each night we can stare at the moon

While singing many a happy tune.



Summer is here to have joy

Every girl and every boy

Open your heart and not to be coy

Now everyone lay back and enjoy.



Summer is here for one and all

Moving ahead without a stall

Remember always to answer the call

As summer moves into fall




A poem for summer days and summer nights by

Howard, Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island

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