Self Help


OK, everyone jump in the pool. It is time for us to learn how to swim. Maybe we all know how, time to practice what we have learned. Or perhaps, we just get wet and feel the water splashing our bodies cooling off from 🌅 summer’s heat. Listen, I  hear music playing and many laughing. Smelling food 🌭from a grill. Spending some time outside 😃 each sunny day as it comes. Most of us enjoying the recent holiday Independence Day 🎆without a care in the world.



Suddenly, with no advanced warning reality begins to set in. Bright skies turn gray, then it to black and in a second everything 🛑 stops. In the distance,  I see up ahead something familiar. It is not the signpost from The Twilight Zone. As I awake, I realize  it was all a dream. Here my day begins. Eight a clock 🕗and I hear the TV 🖥 that I left on  talking again about COVID19 🎙spuing the current stats of deaths and hospitalizations. How very upsetting. Although, I am not employed as a Certified Peer  Specialist, I assist myself and others with  my skills.



Using my tablet, many days I attempt to connect 💻with people from other countries 🌎 with their different cultures. Like most individuals, they are dealing with their current situation the way they can. This person states they drink 🍺 too much, so I try Harm Reduction. On one day, I employed relaxation techniques to a man who barely leaves his home due to his stress of both COVID19 and anxieties. Others are local residents so it’s time to work with their budget or lend an ear and listen. Each individual needs to be 📢 heard.



By being a Certified Peer Specialist,  I feel it is my responsibility to assist people where  and when I can.  No payments are given for my services. It is my feeling of satisfaction plus internal reward that drives me. Other Peer Specialists, can think of many possible volunteer opportunities to find a way to give back. Furthermore, I write these articles to promote what Peer Specialists CAN ACCOMPLISH!  WE DO ACCOMPLISH!  Look we are continually growing in numbers and in many more avenues of life. Do your part, too.




One Peer Specialist at a time.



Most importantly, we do not need violence to solve our issues. Of course, I know that being different is difficult right now, but violence is not an answer to problems. Eventually, causes others. Respect each other as individuals,  not only as a race. Remember first we are ALL human beings. Since COVID19 is still around and gaining strength again, we have to stay and be safe. Wear those 😷 masks, remain six feet apart and have only small social gatherings. We owe this to each other. Yes, we do! Five years later, I long for my significant other, Maureen. Sweetie, I love you ❤, I miss you ❤ and I still wish you ❤ were here. See you in the News Column.

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