Fall Sports 2020, Not Like it Used To Be

Sports has returned for us to see

In 2020, sports is not like it used to be

Focusing on four of them is enough for me

Baseball, basketball, football and hockey.


Basketball had been played in a bubble

Less likely for COVID19 to cause any trouble

Lakers were in the finals with the Heat

By four games to two the Lakers sent the Heat to defeat.


Hockey was contested in a similar way

There were no more games left to play

Raising the STANLEY CUP was what every team wanted to do.

Lightning prevailed against the Stars four games to two.


Baseball had a strange schedule each team played sixty only

Without any games plus playoffs it would have been lonely

Finally it was the Dodgers against the Rays

World Series won four to two by Dodgers and their winning ways.


Football are playing games finishing week ten

Steelers are undefeated with quarterback named Ben

Still too early for a favourite to be said

The Super Bowl is still months ahead.


When one likes sports, we watched from home and enjoy

When one does not, we read a book or played with a toy

As we continue in the eleventh month called November 

Enjoying these sports when they converged together.

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