Once upon a time …, In a galaxy far far away…, Look! Up in the sky, are but three ways to begin a fictional story? (You can answer later)

However, “the story you are about to see is (basically) true.” Also, from the TV program, “Dragnet,” “only the names were changed to protect the guilty. Sometimes replaced ” the innocent.” Later in this article, I will give a couple of situating examples of Volunteers and how it impacts their Mental Health.

Beginning this piece, I will begin by stating a definition of Volunteerism. Like in Part One, Volunteerism is the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without pay or other tangible gains. People volunteer for altruistic reasons, including charity, a hobby, or a type of community service. All reasons are done to gain valuable experience.

In this story, I will be talking about Steven. He is 34, single, and lives in
Mental Health Housing. Volunteering helps me in dealing with my symptoms of mental wellness and my self-esteem. For four days a week, I am out in the world and being productive.

For most of my shift, I loaded boxes into trucks so that people can get food every month. Some hours, I was on the assembly line putting packages together into yet another box. Not be the most glamorous job, but it kept me focused and not dwelling on my various mental health symptoms—another important element for Steven to volunteer and keep to a routine for himself.

Now, Steven wakes up each day, takes a shower, and takes his meds as prescribed. By being a volunteer, it makes him feel better, both mentally and physically. I am empowering myself to stay fixated on the journey to better self-esteem and helping others.

The second story is about Mary, 28, a single mother of a seven-year-old boy named Billy. Being overweight, dealing with depression, and having a young child with Anxiety and ADHD/ADD sometimes became overwhelming. Working as a volunteer, my depression had gotten better. Before this position, I hopped from one job to another. I left most of these positions because leaving Billy alone with someone tended to get me down during my shift. It felt like my mind was focusing more on Billy than my work. At this point, it has been six months since I started working here, plus over a year of weekly therapy has got me to this place in my life.

What was important that volunteering really gave me a sense of purpose, and I can relate better with others, and I actually have a couple of friends. Believe it or not, I am still volunteering here and progressing with Billy nicely. In fact, last month, because of increased sales, I was offered a paid part-time position that began in 2021 for twelve to sixteen hours weekly. Of course, I am aware that not all volunteer jobs lead to paid employment, but it possibly happens to anyone if it happened to me. Yes, this is accurate. Dedication and hard work led to my various successes on many levels. Begin by being a volunteer. We generally do feel better and move forward in life.

A common thread for both stories and most volunteers are their anxieties about working and doing their job well. For most people, when venturing out to employment, it can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. During these experiences, they gained and confidence and self-esteem in their overall abilities.

To do a good job was important to all. Besides, they made friends at their respective sports, and they feel they made a difference. This is what volunteering is all about. (Oh yes, I almost forgot to answer the trivia from the first paragraph.

In a galaxy far, far away is from STAR WARS.

Up in the sky is from TV’S SUPERMAN.

Once Upon A Time begins over 3500 NURSERY RHYMES.

Please, everyone, do all we can to achieve and reach our potential. Congratulations to all! So my wishes for all are that we continue to attain our achievements and always strive for what we want. Maybe then collectively, we can make 2021 our best year ever—happy Volunteering to all.

Editor Note:


See you in the news blogs.


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