Introducing: Urban Space and Race


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Starting the week of April 4, 2021, I will be posting weekly episodes of my new series called “Urban Space and Race”.

The series will highlight how urban planning practices have influenced and propagandized systematic racism and various forms of discrimination, particularly against African Americans and Latinos, in the United States throughout history.

Topics will include:

  • predatory eviction,
  • gentrification,
  • gerrymandering,
  • residential and commercial displacement,
  • homelessness, and
  • redlining.

My motivation and drive to create the Urban Space and Race episode series, in part, started in 2003 as a graduate student at Ohio State University majoring in urban planning and was a candidate for a Master’s degree in city and regional planning from January 2003 to June 2004.

I did a book report on a book called “Redevelopment and Race” by June Manning Thomas in 2003.  “Redevelopment and Race” chronologizes 40 years of urban planning practices in Detroit and what role race played in policies that were adopted by local government officials that shaped that city’s history.

Each week, I will post an episode of Urban Space and Race both on my Facebook page Uniquely Me Support Group and my website

I invite all readers to tune in and listen. All are welcome to provide feedback on the episodes, as well as offering suggestions for other topics to explore!

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