butterfly perched on flowerCommitment

Wants and Needs

I want what I’ve got now. But I need to accept the vicissitudes of time. 

I’ve enjoyed my year and more of self-isolation from the risks of coronavirus. But this is only because my isolation isn’t totally true. I share my home life with Pat even though I don’t accompany her on daily walks. 

But I shall not sentence her to venturing further afield on her own. 

My cocoon needs to split. My wings need to stretch. I need to fly in order to be part of the real world as it reassembles itself.

But will I be a butterfly or moth? Or a what? 

Probably a what. Trust me to be individual. 

My priority is to share my life with Pat. And therefore share her geographically adventurous intentions. They come as part of her package. 

And I love our jaunts together, wandering and roaming wherever in the Mediterranean coast and the Atlantic islands 

St Luke tells of a potential disciple who said “I have married a wife and therefore cannot come”. 

I’m in the opposite corner. I’ve married Pat and therefore I need to get out and about with her when it’s physical safe for me, probably in July after I’ve been able to be vaccinated against coronavirus. 

That’s what I want and it’s what Pat needs in order to enjoy updating her hiking guides. 

We’re in this commitment together. 

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