Another month ended, and a new one turned and began anew. “Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers …one season following another”, both lines from “Sunrise, Sunset” from the musical, “Fiddler on the Roof.” Also, “Day by Day,” sung in the musical “Godspell,” shows how each day comes and goes and the frailty of life continues. Even the name of a soap opera, “Days of Our Lives,” states this very well.

Words turn into pages turn into chapters, and chapters turn into books. Weeks turn into months, turn into years, and years turn into decades. It is inevitable. Can this month turn into success and happiness for each of us? It is probable, not just possible. Indeed, Pete Seeger wrote and sang the song, “Turn, Turn, Turn”. However, it is still a struggle, but I get by, okay.


For me, I attempt to break down my day into segments. Yes, just like an enlarged, bright, orange, orange, perhaps a yellow or pink grapefruit. No, OCD moments. Pick one and enjoy. Turn the mind where contrary to popular belief, doing one thing at a time, one hour at a time and each day as it comes helps reduce my OCD, anxieties, and stress and makes the time move more smoothly. That does not mean I do not sometimes get overwhelmed, and I do, but I focus on what has to be done now and what can wait. Yes, it is called prioritizing my day the best I know how and keeping everything in some positive perspective. Making a list of what I want to do is too much for me, but one can design their own “To-do list.” So, what I can do every day is what I can do, and it will have to be good enough.


One task at a time helps me get through the day. As I write this article, I am eating my lunch. If you must know, it is a Turkey Bologna and American Cheese on Nature’s multigrain bread. Boy, nosy, aren’t you all. But it is fun to share information. Now, I guess I am full of bologna. My morning was busy writing this article, making phone calls, scheduling doctor appointments for the rest of the month, and preparing for the day ahead. Soon, I will be leaving to see people at my local supermarket and pharmacy to see what type of items are on sale and are needed. Each person has their list plus a set of issues.


What challenges await me when I leave my home and my neighborhood? As long as I can attempt to take them as one challenge at a time, I think I will be fine—a little OCD. Now time for a turn in thinking where I often expect the unexpected and persevere. No, I am faster than a speeding bullet, I am not a bird or a plane, and I am most definitely, not Superman or any other superhero. What I am is what I am, a regular, heartfelt, ordinary person. In the musical, “Le Cage Aux Folles,” one song states just that, “I am what I am.” Most importantly, be ourselves and be truthful to ourselves and everyone that we deal with. “Honesty is the best policy” is a good statement for us to live by.


Remember, live life to the fullest. Take it one thing at a time, one hour at a time, or whatever method helps each other get through the day. Each of us can make it a great day, even though it is not always easy. Try to do the best that is possible. As another month turns and approaches, please get out and do what is best for everyone concerned, without hurting oneself or anyone else. Before we realize it, it will turn into summer and Independence Day. 

To all reading this piece, turn to one’s right and repeat this, Have a good and happy day, a healthy June, and a happy and healthy July 4 and beyond. Now do the same to the person to one’s left and repeat, Have a good and sunny day, a healthy June, and a happy and healthy July 4 and beyond. Then, for those alone, look and turn to the right, repeat the saying, turn to the left, and repeat the expression. My life depended on June 12, 2015, when my significant other, Maureen, died. Also, on June 19, 2019, my mom, Barbara, passed. Sweetie and Mom, I miss you, I love you, and I still wish you both were still here. My wish is that everyone feels better and is more relaxed.

See you in the news blogs. 

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