Summer Hope Can Lead to Summer Success 

“Summer Breeze, Summer Wind” and “Summer in the City” are just two of the songs that give us hope for the summer season.

We have to start somewhere in our journey. “Let’s start at the very beginning; a perfect place to start.” from the song “Do Re Mi” in the musical “Sound of Music.” Everything is done step by step (not steps by steps), and the more we understand this, the more hope we can achieve. This process is especially true for me. This song, “In the Good Old Summertime,” resonates here. All trips have an entrance point, and each individual must find their way.


During my life, just like the significant cast of “The Wizard of Oz,” I tend to “Follow the yellow brick road,” but not to end up in Emerald City. Maybe this is too idealistic, but it helps me be me. Life for me makes more sense thinking this way.

Also, we always need to do our best, and only then hope can be realized. Please, everyone go at their own pace; there is no rush to finish.

Remember, who won the race between the tortoise and the hare! (The tortoise!) 

How does one have hope when they are or feel stuck at the start? Find one or two techniques that worked for us before and try them again. One idea that achieved success for me is that I was encouraged that there would be rewards ahead. For every step I took, maybe I could feel better about myself, and that gave me hope that I’d get to the next step. It did not always help, but I might feel or still be stuck if I did not try.

Eventually, looking for hope and the idea and the concept of “hope rewards” was successful for me to move in a positive direction. Also, attempt not to get discouraged! Again, one step at a time. We will move ahead. I did! 


As Reverend Jesse Jackson said it: 



Like a song from The Beatles, hope can be “Here, There and Everywhere,” plus we do our best to find hope. We need to just try. It does help us to get through the day. During the summer, there are many more opportunities for hope and pleasure. Some people find that the energy one gets from doing physical activities gives them hope.

They will run, jog, take a walk in a park, go for a bike ride, hike up a hill, or go swimming. Hey, I like to walk on the boardwalk or go to a pool. Or, if you are sun-sensitive, go to an indoor pool, exercise and or go to a weight room or relax in a sauna. If physical pursuits are not what make you hopeful, try reading a book on self-help, going to a relaxing movie, listening to upbeat music, or talking on the phone.  


No matter the season, find something you like to do, and that is enjoyable to you and turn it into a hopeful moment. Rally your strengths, and this may assist in your quest.

Yes, you have power. Remember, we all have inner resilience. This resilience is an integral part of our power. The general rule is always try as hard as possible, even if it seems almost impossible.  

Doing this like the song from “Man of La Mancha” says, “To dream the impossible dream”. Dreaming like this may not easy but get started and try anyway. Build up slowly and give one another some hope, one item at a time. Primarily, this works for me.

Remember, hope builds on hope, which can carry us towards our ultimate “hope dream.” Also, success builds on success. At all times, be honest with ourselves and others. 

A more hopeful situation in the end is a good reminder to keep on hoping, dreaming, or whatever makes us feel like a more optimistic person inside and out.  




Summer is for hopefulness, positive thinking, and dreams. So,what are we dreaming about this year? Our plans must be more realistic, I suppose. Hmm, more in another piece? To all, enjoy the summer, we deserve this, and I will do my best to do the same. 

See you in the NewsBlogs.

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