cutout paper leaf on natural fallen foliageBELIEFS

Another September Morn

Yes, it is a “September Morn,” like Neil Diamond sang! Sorrowfully, this day brings sadness to my eyes and many others. We are on September 11, which is the 20th anniversary of that horrible day in 2001. Do you know where you were on that fateful day? I know where I was. It was around 8:45 AM. I was pulling into the parking garage where I worked. Like a flash, the music stopped, and the next thing I hard was, “We interrupt this broadcast …”. The rest, shall we say, is history. 

September has other things that are upsetting to me. September includes the end of summer with the shortening of daylight. Not that seasonal affective disorder influences me, but for some, that means quite a bit. Unfortunately, months come and months go; therefore, seasons come and go much too quickly. Each of us has to adapt to change the best way we know-how. Change happens both in adverse situations and, most importantly, positive ones.  

For me, most months bring me to a song or two or three…etc. Okay, Okay, in all twelve months and many, many pieces. Since it is September, there are a few lyrics that make this an authentic feeling. For example: Suddenly, in my mind, I hear music playing like from the musical comedy, “The Fantasticks”. The first stanza begins, “Try to remember the kind of September, when life was slow and oh, so mellow.” Good relaxation technique, so mellow is the way to be! Now, everyone breathes in deeply, hold for five seconds and let it out very, very slowly. Repeat the process three times, and maybe we are becoming more mellow now, just as Donovan wrote and performed “Mellow Yellow.”      

Autumn arrives and brings positive things as well. More uplifting is a song by Earth, Wind & Fire, just called “September.” Although I am not doing it justice, the song ends with the line, “Say, do you remember dancing in September…” It does make me feel better and more energetic about myself and others when the music is on, in the background. Generally, this month, baseball has only one month left of its regular season, and teams are playing, getting ready for important games and the stretch drive in their playoff push. The timing and scheduling of sports are also accurate for my team, The New York Yankees!” Let’s Go Yankees”! Also, football games have started, which is suitable for some people on Sundays. Soon after, hockey and basketball begin their schedules.

When September comes, it might be good for us to focus on some of our positive aspects. As the days progress, it is time for me to digress. 

Following is a poem for us to remain mellow:

Yes, the leaves are falling from the trees, and soon they will be bare, 

There is always someone that will care 

There will be many colors they produce. 

Not orange juice!  

Shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown, 

They line the streets all around the town. 

Yes, I know I realize I am a poet, too.  

Hopefully, this month will be a good one for me and you.  

Back to my reality and these thoughts on the passage of time. I do not always think on favorable terms as the years unfold. As the years have passed, influential people have died around me. Other individuals took over and trusted my abilities, not my disabilities; therefore, I believe that I can persevere and only try to do my best. My significant other, Maureen, and my mom both would want that for me. Brian Hyland wrote and sang it best. The song began with, “Though we gotta say goodbye for the summer” and ended with “Sealed with a Kiss,” the song’s title. Then, there are more kisses for Maureen. Sweetie, I miss you and wish you were here. I miss and love my mom too. Kisses to mom, too. Enjoy today and try always living it one day at a time. See you in the new blogs.

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