white paper with noteHoward Diamond


December has arrived, and some of us cheer

Several faiths call this the festival of lights

Are we ready for a celebration of a new year

Getting by during the days and the nights.

Outside, the leaves are off of the trees

There is a patch of snow on the lawn

The strong wind packs its mighty breeze

Holidays are here, and now they are gone.

Will we have a holiday to remember

Will it be jolly, or will it be another myth

Chanukah was celebrated primarily on November

Christmas, like always, will be on December 25th.

There are no Thanksgiving leftovers to be seen

Now we concentrate on December’s dawn

We continue to reflect where we’ve been

Holidays are here, and now they are gone.

Some of us spend the season all alone. 

No family or friends to spend their days

Many are lonely and basically have no one

Far away from people and their kindful gaze.

Days are flying by so very quick

This season I’m feeling more withdrawn

By myself again and I’m getting sick

Holidays are here, and now they are gone.

Resting and sleeping when I can

Shaving and washing to begin each day

Today I am going to feel like a better man 

Seizing each moment in every way.

During this month, we plan for the year ahead   

Not knowing what there will be for us to do

While others want to live without fear on a comfortable bed

Wishing for a better life for you and for me in 2022.

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