Telling my story
by Phillip Cooke

You think you know me?

You think you can tell my story?

What I can and can’t handle?

Why do you try to set up a wall?

Place me in a box?

Surround me with a barb-wire fence?

Label me and put me in some “neat” category?

Trust is earned–not demanded!

Assumptions are detrimental to the human spirit, mind, and body

Lies seek to kill and destroy

Hate divides and conquers

I only know me

Only I can tell MY story!

I know what I can and can’t handle

I bust down walls

The box gets broken down and disposed

The barb-wire fence is forever snapped

From the same red blood are all nations and peoples of the Earth

Trust is precious like gold

It’s oK to say I don’t know 

The truth sets me free

Love builds bridges and connects people together

I know where I have been

I know where I am today

I know where I’m going tomorrow

So I ask again

Do you know who I am?

NO! I know who I am!!

I know what I can and can’t handle

Phillip Cooke

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