This is the month for Marching ahead

Winter is over and Spring will start

Animals awake and get out of bed

Snow has melted and we have a renewed heart.

On the 13th morning ahead we move the clocks

No big problem due to losing an hour sleep

Outside are many birds in their respective flocks

Splashing the puddles of water so very deep.

This was also a very special day

Every year I still shed a tear

It would have been Maureen’s birthday

I miss you, I love you and wish you were here.

Two days later we are to beware the Ides of March 

Hamlet was warned by his supposed friend

Often Hamlet was seen around an arch

With his enemies lurking around the bend.

Marching forward two more days 

Kissing the blarney stone like the Irish

Happy St Pats when no one ever pays

Drunk like a skunk and smelling like a fish.

Spring begins on the twentieth

Winter will be in our rear view mirror

Observing pretty sunlit skies at its zenith

Flowers blooming outside around each door.

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