Resilience is my great love

My love for resilience is so great!

My heart melts for her from dawn ’til the dusk of day.

At night, as I march off to dreamland,

I think about all that I have accomplished during the day,

Which is my motivation to push on tomorrow.

The fuel that drives me each day.

The good vibes of the day provides me with rest ’til the next day’s dawn.

Her beauty is great,

Even though the battles are long and at times exhausting.

Minds wonder around me.

They ask the question:  how does he do that?

Moving and thriving are all that I do.

The battle is won, not by the sprinter, but by the marathon runner.

Every thought calculated.

Not afraid to stumble along the way.

Not afraid to seek counsel.

Weighing the pros and cons before taking a risk.

Like taking a leap of faith to a place one has never been before.

Don’t fret my love!

The one who endures…

The one who can adapt to a changing world…

The one who sees opportunity in the midst of despair and turn it into success

Is the one who bathe in the waters of success.

So keep on keeping on!

There are many battles in this war.

All filled with opportunities to shine.

And also with opportunities to learn and grow.

Oh my!  How beautiful resilience is!

She is so beautiful indeed!

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