KICK UP YOUR HEELS (Kick up) or KICK OFF YOUR SHOES (Kick off) are famous quotes. They have been tossed around here and there, but not everywhere. Many individuals and organizations use them in posters, songs, and other media. Mental Health Professionals apply both terms frequently in their practice. Is it possible that we have seen either or both? I will define both to move my story move forward. Later, I’ll discuss how both relate to people with mental health issues. I promise not to get your anxiety level higher! If all else fails, breathe in and out slowly and wait.

Kick-up generally means doing things that give us pleasure. Some of us kick up when we are happy by dancing. Obtaining this is done often by getting our legs high off the ground. Take lessons like doing the physically and mentally demanding “can-can” dance made famous in France in the 1840s. Contrary to what most people think, the quote from the early 1600s had an entirely different meaning, “to be killed.” Modern use of the expression alludes to a galloping horse or a high-spirited and elated dancer.

Kick-off (not football’s beginning) states someone takes an item off one’s feet without hands. In slang terms, it refers to being overcome with anger or starting an argument, and a fight erupts. The original context dates back to the 1850s when females removed their footwear more gracefully and dignifiedly. As for today, kick-off means to take off one’s shoes after a difficult day and unwind.

Okay, the wait is over! It is time to explain the relevance of the terms to people with mental health concerns. When someone has difficulties sometimes in expressing their words verbally, we kick up our heels to show exuberance for an event one completed. On the contrary, shoes are all over the place when someone is angry after a kick-up event. Agile people need no aid in distinctly stretching their legs. Gymnasts, ballet dancers, and high-wire acts are only three professions where this occurs. Whether this is one does this as an occupation or as a citizen of the world, it increases the moods of an individual’s mental health.

Kick-off our shoes have a separate way to use for people with Mental health concerns. Individuals like myself who deal with anxieties and OCD have a tough time calming down from our day. At this moment, we are not hungry, there is nothing on tv, and we are not ready for sleep, so what helps some of us? The solution is relatively simple: kick off your shoes, plop your bottom on a cushioned seat and start our evening. Therefore, kick off our boots strongly and try to relax. Not too strong. Maybe use a little more than we usually do. De-stress the best we can. We had made progress when we walked in at a level of eight and now at six (or lower).

Three stock quotes show positive thinking, and each one keeps us from getting deeply depressed. One of them is as follows, “All The World’s a Stage, Kick Up Your Heels. Have Fun!” Another quote states, “Sometimes In Life, You Just Have To Kick Up Your Heels!” This quote is both optimistic. A good saying leading to a good weekend is “Kick Up Those Heels! It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s Friday !” I guess we get the message. Dancing and acting for many help some of us relax after a period of jubilation.

“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance,” stated Oprah Winfrey in a way that helps people calm down and relax. Individuals find many techniques that help us achieve peace and harmony without care. Singer and actress Christina Aguilera stated, “I just kick off my shoes, walk around barefoot, I don’t care if my feet get dirty.” Hey, if she doesn’t care, why do we need to? Think about this.

When we are thinking about (yes, we are still thinking) both Kick Up Your Heels and Kick Off Your Shoes, we can use them to our advantage. “Comfort and Joy,” from the Christmas song, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” explains our quotes quite well. Our thinking (yes, I think so, too). Both serve to help individuals with Mental Health Issues, both physically and mentally. Many of us have heard the expression from ABC Wide World of Sports, “The Thrill of Victory and The Agony Of Defeat.” It shows the range of our emotions from high to relatively low and our resilience and resolves. Let’s pat ourselves on the back. We deserve this.

Does anyone still have their shoes on? Please breathe in, hold it for five seconds, then release slowly and repeat three times. When we finish these steps,


Try this, it might take a while, but this will be worth the effort. It helps me!!!

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