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Spring has been here for about a month. It is time to clear my head and lungs and sing a song or two. What are some mental health and well-being ideas for Spring? Ideas for physical health and well-being? There are all sorts of possibilities! Few people keep in mind the consequences of bad mental and physical health. This blog raises awareness of the repercussions of not maintaining good wellness practices.  Let’s rewind and give some context using myself as a case example.

Historically, wintertime is when I am lazy and forget about daily self-care. I struggled to care for myself this past Winter of 2022 and 2023. Before the season began, on Monday, November 14, I planned to return my rental car and exchange it for my Toyota Corolla in repair. About three weeks prior, I brought it to the body shop to replace the front fender and other parts. At 3 pm, I left my place to switch out the vehicle. That was when my legs gave out. Suddenly, I landed extremely awkwardly and couldn’t grab anything to assist me in rebalancing or standing up. Later that afternoon, a neighbor saw me in the doorway and tried to get me to stand but was unsuccessful. He called the police. The police then phoned for an ambulance. 

Spending several hours in the hospital emergency room was a rude awakening. After the ER, the doctors determined that my condition was critical and I needed to be admitted for further testing. Even after being admitted to the hospital, the neuropathy (nerve damage) worsened. Additionally, I developed a deep and large wound on the upper rear side of my right leg. Given medication, boxes of gauze, gloves, and a vast supply of large bandages to heal my wound, I hoped for the best. After fourteen days, I was discharged and sent to a local rehab. There, I received physical and occupational therapy (PT-OT).

While in rehab, I worked on my anxiety and focused on asserting my needs. Each day, Monday through Friday, I would do PT and OT for about an hour each. Spending Christmas, New Year’s, January, and February all in Rehab was not enjoyable. Since then, I’ve made lots of progress but still have more to accomplish. Days are getting longer, and Spring has started. Walking is getting easier. However, there are days when I am still in pain, and the numbness is severe. The sharp pain and pins and needles have since subsided, but I continue to use either a rollator or a walker. These devices help me stay balanced and somewhat in control while walking.

What can we learn from my lived experience? Recovery is possible.

Walking gives me a feeling of relief, like I’m free as a bird. Spending time outdoors releases my nervous energy and stress. I plan to go to the boardwalk every other day to get outside, exercise, and connect with the world. Furthermore, I will continue writing articles, creating poetry, and reading mystery novels. Let’s not forget watching my favorite baseball team, the New York Yankees.

My advice is to continue pursuing all your passions and get a more balanced perspective- not to mention that you will feel more full of life. I make my wellness a priority! Tragedy can strike at any time. I lost my significant other, Maureen, who was a big part of my emotional well-being and still is emotional support. Maureen may not be here realistically, but I think about her daily. When I think of her memory, my mental wellness and emotional health boost, and I feel much happier. 

Whenever I am with someone, I express my views and learn their perspectives. I also hope to connect and feel comfortable enough to discuss mutual interests. Every person has a unique story or two to tell. Indeed, I appreciate everyone spending the time to listen to my story. In this sense, we are all practicing the philosophy of peer work in recovery. 

Yes, Spring has arrived. Spring brings me new hope. So please, take my advice and improve and strengthen your physical and mental health. Often, I say on this blog, “Every journey begins with one step.” So, begin traveling toward better well-being. 

Let’s stand up on our feet! Stand and cheer with me! Spring is here! What are we waiting for?

Everyone, Ready, Set, Go!  See you in the Newsletter and news blogs.

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