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The Jewish Ghetto Police & Today’s Peer Professional: The Psychology of Complicity

Background: Today’s peer professional in Mental Health systems of care share a similar psychological bend with the Jewish Ghetto Police or Jüdische Ghetto-Polizei. This unit was an auxiliary police force organized within the Jewish ghettos of Nazi occupied Eastern Europe. Members of the police force were appointed by […]


Our Final Solution

Our Final Solution to the mental health crisis today dates back to 1930’s/40’s Germany. During the Holocaust, the Nazi’s were fixated on answering questions. The most infamous question, or answer, was the final solution. The final solution answered the looming Jewish question. This question, what is the future […]

Interview with Author of the “V-papers” and founder of Mental Health Affairs, Max E. Guttman, LCSW

Interviewer: Please tell us, Max E., why do you insist on writing about mental health when it continues to be so widely talked about and covered by talented authors in recent years? Mr. Guttman: I write because my message continues to be different than all the other authors […]

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