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J. Peters

J. Peters writes on his lived experience, and also brings his story into his work. J blogs daily on his site and for other sites around the United States and Europe, bringing his passion for mental health to consumers everywhere.

Before Class

Today I found myself walking around the University’s campus before class. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. The temperature in the hallways was perfect and the climate control was on point. I wasn’t sweating like I usually do and felt unusually hygienic or “fresh” before having to lecture. I […]


Reflections on Neesa’s Blog article: How My Schizoaffective Disorder Helps Me Help Others

So, I was just reading an article by Neesa Suncheuri called: How My Schizoaffective Disorder Helps Me Help Others In this article, the author likens the side effects (no pun intended) of not working and responding to the impact of paralyzing mental health symptoms as a strength. This […]

From The Revisionist: Rise of the Prosumer

“In the future, further work should deconstruct categories of medicine, psychiatry, and social work and encourage strength based approaches that will supplant new-institutionalization and create a new gold standard in treatment” (Maxwell Guttman, Mental Health Diagnosis: Axioms, Continuum, and Future Directions) 2018 “Congratulations, Jacques, on your publication!” Jonas, […]

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