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J. Peters

Max’s battle with schizophrenia began at Binghamton University in his last semester of college.

Max was discharged from Greater Binghamton State Hospital Center in July of 2008, after spending six months there. His recovery was swift, but not painless, and certainly difficult. Max refers to his stance on recovery in his journal articles as “Too big to fail.” No obstacle too big, no feat out of reach, Max let nothing stop him in his path to recovery and healing. While Max’s symptoms began during his last semester, he successfully graduated from college, and his diploma was waiting for him at home after his discharge from the hospital.

On one of the newest intramuscular injections (IM) available, and after learning the true meaning of adherence, Max later went on to publish articles about the use of injectable medications to overcome his own symptoms.

Through paranoia, hallucinations, and other symptoms of schizophrenia, Max didn’t let anything stop him from his return to academia, and writing. In his childhood, Max was a lover of language. When schizophrenia tried to rob him of his academic ability, Max fought back. With the use of medications and therapy, he finally regained his ability to communicate and to pursue his passions and dreams for higher education.

Through his work as a social worker, therapist, and disability rights advocate, Max fights for those without a voice in the system. He seeks to help those who are struggling with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses not just achieve stabilization but thrive. Max is relentless in his passion for helping people who find themselves vulnerable, and those without the ability to care for themselves.

Today, Max teaches social work students at Fordham University to be leaders in their practice. Max is the author of University on Watch: Crisis in the Academy, which he published under the pen name J. Peters in 2019.

Max writes on his lived experience, and also brings his story into his work. Max blogs daily on his site and for other sites around the United States and Europe, bringing his passion for mental health to consumers everywhere.

The Right to Fail

The right to fail. To live our lives as people that are flawed, diagnosed, mentally ill the the way we see fit to do so. In New York State, and many other states in the United States, unless you are mandated, or in a AOT (Assisted Out Patient […]

Commitment to Care and Caregiving


Allies in Recovery: Use and Overuse of Collateral Support

Burnout exists among practitioners & caregivers for those carrying a mental health diagnosis. Our allies, collateral contacts, and both natural and artificial supports are all susceptible to burnout. This presentation is designed to prevent and disrupt behaviors which contribute to burnout among people working with psychiatric disabilities. In […]

The Rise of the Health Czar

The Health Czar is the final solution to the mental health crisis in modernity The age old debate of governance extends into mental health and its administration, policy making, and implementation of state and federal regulations. Some argue for democracy, and its careful review, however political, of the […]

Psychiatric Advanced Directives

I believe in healing & I believe in recovery. After surviving so many tragic circumstances and injuries, I fully understand how fragile life is and why we must protect ourselves from both seen and unforeseen events which put our health and safety in jeopardy. This presentation is a […]

Selfless Living

”soliciting my grandmother for money for a project and then, when she told my mother, I denied the event, blaming her misunderstanding of my behavior on her dementia…’ I’ve lived a rich & privileged life. In my youth I was resistant and disagreeable, at time challenging my peers, […]

The Future of Recovery Now❗️

“In doing so, the consortium has conscripted the Anointment of a Health Czar💂‍♀️…”   People around the globe are wondering what exactly is the future of Recovery Now? Across the pond readers in London write in everyday to our headquarters in Mamaroneck New York for an answer. During […]

The Admission of Guilt

We all have our regrets. I have suggested time and again our darkest hours can be re-framed as learning moments. This is impossible unless we admit we are wrong or have contributed to the problem. People make all kinds of mistakes. Some small, some big, and sometimes catastrophic […]

Breakthrough Symptoms

People can be on the best medication targeting a mental health disorder and still experience disruptive symptoms. Breakthrough symptoms can be voices, delusions, paranoia or even depressive features that go unchallenged by medication and persist either chronically or when triggered by something external. This phenomenon usually occurs when […]

Addressing Symptoms (P): Thought Broadcasting

The most ornate and complex set and manifestations of symptoms exist in the Schizophrenia and related psychosis family of mental health diagnoses. Schizophrenia has both positive and negative symptoms. The symptoms are labeled differently to address and explain the experience of the person symptomatic. To identify which is […]

Relapsing: Surrendering Privileges

The best part of recovery is gaining access to new responsibilities, materials, information; and all the good things that come with stable living. Given that relapse is an inevitable part of recovery, I plan to explore the loss of material, access, and resources attributed to relapsing and mental […]

NAMI doesn’t Speak for US

“So, when I say, or hear, that NAMI doesn’t speak for us, it is because they speak for my mother, my father, my brother, but not me” The Mental Health Awareness campaigns of modernity (e.g. Mental Health Month), commonly associated with “friendly” and person centered staff in your […]