BOOK REVIEW: The Craig Lewis Guide to Surviving the Impossible

We don’t do a lot of book reviews on this site.

I find most writing on mental health either overdone, underdeveloped or rife with inaccuracies. 

This is where the book review of Mr. Lewis’ Guide to Surviving the Impossible enters the conversation… 

Mr. Lewis created a real-life, down-to-earth, accessible guide. He wasn’t joking when he said the guide, a phrase he will often repeat in the book and with honest self-skepticism. Craig Lewis’s guide is self-reflective. It is a textual reflection of his own journey in mental health. This isn’t a textbook. This isn’t a novel.

This is his guide to get from traumatized to surviving. 

See, most mental health books claim to know everything about all things psychology, medicine, and psychiatry. This book, I mean, guide, is very different. When I first read the title, I thought to myself, here is another book on overcoming any obstacle in life and becoming a hero.


I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I, myself, and the world of readers that take this guide on will never look back. This guide includes Mr. Lewis’s ongoing critical reflections, poems, and other insights he contemplates as he survives trauma. The insights include Mr. Lewis’s wit and sarcasm, the humor he needs to mobilize, as he survives and lives to share how with you, the reader.

In doing so, Mr. Lewis includes worksheets for the reader to engage with directly. He offers no cheap metaphors to quote and sound healthy–but the grit of your own shit to work with as he gently launches you to a better place in your mental health.

When you get there, he only asks that you remember him and tell him how and why it helped.

I highly encourage the reader to read this novel guide on survival if you are done with the usual textbooks about being perfect in your mental health. 

The Craig Lewis Guide to Surviving the Impossible is available to purchase.


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