• Mentally Ill in the Catskills of New York😇

    I have traveled all over the world. Before, after, and during my most psychotic episodes, I have been privileged in the realm of touring, travel and seeing the world at large. After I attempted suicide in high school, my parents took me on a Caribbean cruise on a premier passenger line. After my break in… Continue Reading

  • The Prosumer Technocrat🔢🔀

    I’m am very much public about my status as a prosumer in the mental health community. I’ve outed myself time and again. People ask me about my book series all the time, which is also very much congruent with my prosumer identity: “Max, what is so different about your books/memoirs than any other person with… Continue Reading

  • What keeps me pushing forward?

    I am field instructor for graduate and undergraduate student in social work going for their bachelors and masters degrees. I am also a professor of social work in a university. As a field instructor, I am the point person in the field where social work students at the university level go to their placement or… Continue Reading

  • The Trilogy 📚3️⃣

    The time is upon us! I need to address the ongoing rumors circulating around my writing. Ever since I have announced a second novella, Small Fingernails, Even Less Love 💕 , there has been undeniable chatter in the literary world. Upon hearing the new novella was, in fact, the prequil to University on Watch👓, the… Continue Reading

  • The Right to Fail

    The right to fail. To live our lives as people that are flawed, diagnosed, mentally ill the the way we see fit to do so. In New York State, and many other states in the United States, unless you are mandated, or in a AOT (Assisted Out Patient Treatment) or forced treatment program, you can… Continue Reading

  • Learned Helplessness Must be Stopped🔴

    One of my biggest struggles as a social worker in the human services is challenging learned helplessness. Learned helplessness is a phenomena in which clients, patients, or any person connected to a larger system becomes so conditioned by it that they begin to need connection to it as if being a recipient of services becomes… Continue Reading