Deputy Director of South American Affairs ⚡️⚡️

Mental Health Affairs has always been an international mission at its core.

The blog’s vision and scope are global. After all, the need for better mental health care has become an emergent worldwide crisis. As early as late summer, Mental Health Affairs began assimilating its new international rollout campaign after several activist groups and reformers reached out to this blog and requested we intervene without delay in the articulation of a new plan for mental health on a global level.

Indeed, reformers from Brazil and their counterparts here in the U.S have given Mental Health Affairs the mandate. We, in turn, are responding in kind and good faith to the people of South America requiring swift and immediate intervention, education, and reform of their existing mental health systems of care. As Chief Editor, I am now happy to report we are officially green-lighting the rollout of our new division for South American Affairs.

This bold new division will take swift and precise measures to reform the systems of care in South America requiring urgent upkeep, airtime in the greater global mental health arena, and focus as a global hot-spot for fake news and information, substandard care at the systems level. The feat and scale is now defined.

Taking on this crisis at the level and rigor of this blog’s ethos and integrity for reporting on all things mental health, at its various intersections, is the critical and compassionate Ana Medeiros.

As early as this morning, I have commissioned Ana Medeiros labor and immense skill set to take up shop as the new Deputy Director of South American Affairs.

In doing so, all communication and reporting will pass through the doors of this blog to and from Ana in both directions as she begins to put together her team.

Ana Medeiros is committed to the final solution of the mental health crisis in South America.

Today, is an exciting new day, for mental health affairs and Ana Medeiros, the new Deputy Director of South American Affairs⚡️⚡️.Ana Medeiros, Deputy Director for South American Affairs