Feed Your Head (says Grace Slick)

Feed Your Head (says Grace Slick)

It was not until tonight that I realized “no one here gets out alive.”

Fleeing, escaping and running away are not good answers.  There is good and bad wherever you go.

The trick is managing your own head.

I played my playlist over and over during the past few weeks.  I had to endure a weekend in the country with husband and brother-in-law. It all seemed very middle class, and, if somewhat boring, at least within the confines of normal living.

In dealing with my head I believe change of environment is very important to perspective. For the mental Health consumer, switching off environments can be helpful in avoiding panic attacks, angst, and other symptoms.

There needs to be a balance of familiarity and novelty in environments.  Some people think this isn’t always possible. I found, for myself, when in desperate straits for a change in surroundings and perspective, that looking out different windows in the apartment,  or changing up the room plan, or just moving from room to room periodically can help boredom in a pinch.

Going away for the weekend, or hopping a plane to Somewheresville, USA is even better.

As you get older symptoms get harder to handle, especially if you’ve achieved the prize of living independently in the community with little professional intervention.

So, the weekend in the country? It was tough as a mother because of interactions.  Just as a balance between the familiar and the strange is important in gaining perspective, there has got to be a balance of solitude and interaction for the mental health consumer.

The playlist is important in feeding the head, as are visuals like TV and movies. Reading books, blogs and articles are good for the gray matter as well.  If there are tasks and work to do, so much the better.

If you write blogs, feeding the head is paramount.  If you are a consumer struggling with symptoms like catatonia and depression, a good diet for the head gets the mental wheels turning and keeps them well oiled.

I love my flights into fantasy, my magic carpet rides. I struggle with demons anyway.  Change of environment, a balance of interaction, music, visuals and the written word are all part of what the Red Queen said-

“Feed your head, feed your head...”

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