Known as University on Watch day, February 28th, honors the legacy of J. Peters in academe. In 2008, J. Peters put New London University “on watch”, forever altering the English language and the Humanities in Higher Education. Mr. Peters wanted nothing more than to move on to higher learning. Instead, Mr Peters was ostracized and humiliated by his department at New London University. Arrested, and chained to a pole in the university barracks, Mr. Peters proved that his will to persist in his education would reveal and expose the fear surrounding his mission: Contesting Admission.

Email from the Provost to J Peters

Contesting Admission was Mr. Peters original manuscript. This paper was his vision, dream and his belief that anyone’s will to rise above the powers that be can halt injustice in its tracks and create a new culture and ethos at the very level language. Contesting the admission decision which denied Mr. Peters admittance to graduate school in English, he continued to move forward, putting language itself on notice of his intent to continue learning.

The manuscript

Mr. Peters will to fight on until the end is what we honor on February 28th. Risking everything for what he believed was right and pure in academe is the cardinal virtue and hallmark of University on Watch day. Feb 28th is a day that reifies the very meaning of unremitting and persistence. Inscribing justice back into scholarship and the very heart of the Academy. On Feb 28th we stand in solidarity with J Peters, and anyone who has ever challenged the very apex of power with nothing more than good nature, the labor of love, good will and belief in the possibilities of the unknown. Together, we reveal Mr. Peters great unknown, as something very familiar, and real: hope in the future.

The arrest notice

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