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J. Peter’s battle with Schizophrenia began at New London University in his last semester of college. J. Peters was discharged from Greater Liberty State Hospital Center in July of 2008, after spending six months there. His recovery was swift, but not painless, and certainly difficult. J. Peters refers to his stance on recovery in his journal articles as “Too big to fail.” No obstacle too big, no feat out of reach, J. Peters let nothing stop him in his path to recovery and healing. J. Peters later went on to publish articles about the use of injectable medications to overcome his own symptoms. J. Peters blogs daily on his site mentalhealthaffairs.blog and for other sites around the United States and Europe, bringing his passion for mental health to consumers everywhere. He is also a board member of the newspaper CITY VOICES, https://www.cityvoicesonline.org/.


March 2021 ‘University on Watch’




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EDITORIALIZING ‘LIVED EXPERIENCE’ THROUGH PROFESSIONAL WRITINGThe session is designed to teach folks how to discuss and unpack their lived experience in a professional writing venue. We will cover a wide range of approaches to “talking” about lived experience with behavioral health issues. We will emphasize the importance of reflection and the use of self-disclosure in writing as an integral aspect of recovery and modeling good health for all peers. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to write their own story of their lived experience using various professional approaches, choose an approach to story-telling congruent with their message and understand self-disclosure as it pertains to professional and public writing.


FIELD DAYProfessionalization of Trauma Stories and Lived Experience in the Context of Practicing Professional Social Work.
2:00 PM
Binghamton (ONLINE)


PEER APOCOLYPSEPEERPOCALYPSE is a conference of leaders, emerging leaders, innovators, and peers who want to become more involved in the peer community. Adopting the philosophy that peers bring with them a great deal of knowledge and expertise, the event is about bringing the community together to share information, skills, and experience.



ICPCE 2021 Virtual Conference RESILIENCE





My acceptance remarks for BOLD 10 UNDER 10 AWARD


NAMI Articles (https://www.nami.org/Personal-Stories/My-Parents-Support-Shaped-My-Recovery & the Advocate 2019)

Wales High School: First Diagnosis is a front-row view of high school in the early 2000s during the rise of the millennial generation.

Wales Middle School: the rise of j. peters is a fresh look at the inner workings of J. Peters’s thinking, social interaction and the destructive games Jacques plays with his friends and members of the student body.

Small Fingernails: even less love is the prequel to University on Watch. This is a love story at the root of it all and sets the stage for my crisis in the academy at New London University.



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