Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

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Welcome to Mental Health Affairs!


Mental Health Affairs© is here to launch the most fabulous rallying call for people to demand from their government and leaders in power that the mental health crisis be resolved once and for all.


Without delay, we need to give people in need the right information, skill-sets, and create a culture around Mental Health to feel safe and comfortable in their shoes, let alone their neighborhoods where available services are either inaccessible or a lousy treatment fit for their particular needs.

Ultimately, this blog will begin ramping up its call for full community access and integration to treatment. I wholeheartedly believe so much of today’s problem can be addressed and resolved when people have access to treatment, psychoeducation, and services in their communities.

Submissions are evaluated on the basis of clarity, meaning, grammar, and ability to capture the attention of the reader. If your submission meets the editorial needs of OMH-A,  you will be set up with an author’s account or contributors’ credentials on WordPress.


Potential authors can submit their creative work to the Editor-in-Chief J. PETERS email address:

Authors may publish new posts to Mental Health Affairs at their leisure and at their own creative pace. Here at OMH-A we respect the creative license and freedom of our writers and want to support the creative process as it fits with the vision and aim of this blog.
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