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Welcome to Mental Health Affairs!

If you are interested in joining the team at OMHA please email us at or message us at our Facebook Page at Recovery Now!

Recovery Now’s Division of Mental Health Affairs is about to move in an exciting new direction. The former division is now officially the Office of Mental Health Affairs (OMHA). The new office is signing on writers, editors (SEO preferred), and site administrators to help run the blog. We are looking for licensed clinicians, professionals in mental health care, treatment, and administration with lived experience and a strong passion for advocacy in the fields of mental health, social work & justice, psychology, medicine, and allied fields.

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Potential authors can submit a one-page five paragraph essay to our email address: Writing is evaluated on the basis of clarity, meaning, grammar, and ability to capture the attention of the reader. Please submit your sample blog post to If your writing meets the editorial needs of OMH-A,  you will be set up with an author’s account on WordPress with log-in credentials. With these credentials, authors may publish new posts to Mental Health Affairs at their leisure and at their own creative pace. Here at OMH-A we respect the creative license and freedom of our writers and want to support the creative process as it fits with the vision and aim of this blog.


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