Labor Day or Labour Day, which is correct? Of course, this depends on where we plant our collective feet. In the grand scheme of life, does it really matter, and do we even care? Again, it relies on our perspectiveon such matters. Yes, we shall care. No arguments necessary since both of them happen to be nearly accurate. In the United States, Labor Day occurs each year on the first Monday of September. It is a National Holiday that celebrates people who have contributed to our nation’s social and economic prosperity.


Initially suggested in 1882 by Peter J. McGuire who was a carpenter and union leader who thought it might be a good idea to honor all of American workers. This was brought to the New York’s Central Labor Union, who agreed. With Thanksgiving being four months after Independence Day, maybe in between was suggested. It was decided that on September 5 of that year, Americans would hold parades filled with picnics, concerts, and speeches. Sounds like fun. In New York, over ten thousand workers marched from City Hall to Union Square. Soon the holiday was moved to the first Monday of September, which remains there still. Congress passed legislation in 1894, creating Labor Day, a Federal holiday.


Labour Day in the United Kingdom is celebrated annually on or around May 1. Similar to the United States, Labour Day is also a holiday that commemorates the achievements of workers. Besides, this day has its origins in the labour unions. They fought for an eight-hour day movement that was advocated and led to a split into equal days. It looked like this: one was eight hours for work, another was eight hours for recreation, and the remaining eight hours for rest. Seems very practical, but not very realistic. Of course, it was never used.


Other countries have types of Labor Day or Labour Day. Although on different dates, most of them still have some connection with workers in their particular state. Some places have Labor Day or Labour Day, which is synonymous with International Workers’ Day, occurring mostly on May 1. For many lands, it is a holiday, but it is not a reason for a celebration. Whatever our desires are to have Labor Day or Labour Day, enjoy the moment in time. 

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