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https://www.naminycmetro.org – an incredible, youthful, and diverse NAMI

City Voices; Newspaper for Peers and peer workforce

NYAPRS – the most popular statewide mental health advocacy group

https://www.bringithomenys.org/ – a campaign for more supported housing for mental health peers

https://www.communityaccess.org/our-work/educationajobreadiness/howie-the-harp – HTH is a program of Community Access and the best way for peers to become peer specialists

https://www.nami.org/Your-Journey/Identity-and-Cultural-Dimensions/LGBTQI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) 

https://www.mhanational.org/issues/lgbtq-communities-and-mental-health (Mental Health America) 

Mental Health Disparities:  LGBTQ (2017) (The American Psychiatric Association) 

Being a LGBTQ Person of Color (a document compiled by Richard H. Gadsden for the LGBT Center, Princeton University, Princeton NJ) 

Surviving Race: The Intersection of Injustice, Disability, and Human Rights (Facebook group with Jennifer Padron and Celia Brown as administrators) 

City Voices: Media and Community Building Projects (Facebook group and online newspaper, with Dan Frey as administrator and editor-in-chief) 

Mental Health Pandemic (Facebook group with Allilsa Fernandez as administrator) 

HUMANS WITHOUT PREJUDICE (Facebook group with Brian Snellgrove as administrator) 

Hope and Success For The People (Facebook group with Phillip Williams-Cooke as administrator; also the name of Phillip’s website; https://www.hopeandsuccessforthepeople.com

Uniquely Me Support Group (Facebook group with Phillip Williams-Cooke as administrator) 

The Communities Project (Facebook group with Jaress Laszlo and Michael King as administrators) 

STAND UP TO STIGMA – Peer Support Groups & Peer Education Programs (Facebook group with four administrators and three moderators) 



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