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Look, look to the year ahead

COVID19 is about all that was said

Unfortunately thousands of humans are dead

Still not many alternatives to do instead.

Look, look ahead for there is greatness and joy 

Harder to seek out for what we can enjoy

Did we even get a holiday toy

Whether we are a girl or a boy.

Look, look ahead and not behind

Not able to see the wonders of mankind

2020 was real not a dream of the mind

There are still many people that are kind.

Look, look ahead and do not despair

Life is never perfect hard to continue or even care

Difficult to take any risks or able to dare

Even if we believe that life is not fair.

Look, look ahead and not back

Try to achieve what last year did lack

Hopefully we can eat inside, Whopper or Big Mac

Follow President Biden because he is leader of the pack.

Look, look ahead it is now 2021

In 2020 we saw lots of violence especially with people owning a gun

COVID19 took many lives, but remain resilient our work is not done

Let’s try to make this a great year and have some fun.

Howard Diamond CPS (Certified Peer Specialist)

Howard Diamond CPS (Certified Peer Specialist)

Howard Diamond, CPS (Certified Peer Specialist) is a hardworking Editorial Board Member and eager contributor to Mental Health Affairs. He has worked in various settings all over Long Island and New York State where he resides. His articles are layered with incredible profound insights into his health and state of being, which resonate with his audience do deeply struggling with their mental health and connection to the bigger world. Howard has a dedicated following of readers and he also writes for other websites on his lived experience and ongoing thoughts on mental health. We are happy to have him working with the site and being so gracious with his time, energy, and dedication to our site.
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