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The Final Solution to the Mental Health Crisis

I am happy to call Mexico home. I have lived here for nearly two years. I live and thrive as a survivor. I choose to make Limonada from the limones that life gave me.  I’ve authored numerous books on the topics of healing from trauma, developing effective methods of coping, spirituality & punk rock. 


I’ve been blessed to share my story of ‘Surviving the Impossible’ in 40 countries to date. Everything I do, I do, because  each and every day, I make the decision to be happy, to heal, to love, to thrive and to prosper.


I am a human liberation activist, punk rocker & public speaker, and I have a nearly incomprehensible, personal story of surviving the impossible. I tap into my experiences in order to support others in transforming their lives, for my name is Craig Lewis, and I will not allow my suffering to be wasted.  As you can appreciate; my time is best spent helping people who want to help themselves and who are ready to do the work. 


Craig’s newest book is appropriately titled ‘The Craig Lewis Guide to Surviving the Impossible.’


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“The Craig Lewis Guide To Surviving the Impossible”

I wrote this book for the purpose of helping myself heal. I wrote this book because I don’t subscribe to the idea that because I was hurt as a child, because I was hurt as an adolescent and because I was hurt as an adult, means that the rest of my life has to be of a lower quality than those who haven’t experienced these scenarios.

“You’re Crazy” Volume One

A 27 story 158-page anthology of Punk Rockers from around the world sharing their survivor and recovery stories.


 ‘Better Days – A Mental Health Recovery Workbook’ 


This workbook is proven to be an effective support group format, and it is great for one-on-one use and personal introspection.

You’re Crazy – Volume Two

A brand new 20 story anthology of Punk Rockers from around the world sharing their survivor and recovery stories.  

Available April 2021


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