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Ember Manos Belle

Feed Your Head (says Grace Slick)

For the mental Health consumer, switching off environments can be helpful in avoiding panic attacks, angst, and other symptoms.

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Ember Manos Belle

When Creativity Calls, When Your Alibi is Art

Around the same time I registered for class I walked into a shrink’s office

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Ember Manos Belle

Peer Specialists risk getting bit in the ass.

If it is not the illness it is the people we are supposed to be helping.

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Ember Manos writing is anomalous read her work today!

Ember Manos Belle
Ember Manos Belle

Ember Manos Belle is a 'Systems Advocate' and Behavioral Health Therapist in the NYC area. Ember is the author of Climbing Towards November (2009) and Pause in the Western Rhythm (2019). Not only is Ember a vital and outspoken member of the mental health community in NYC and the outer boroughs, but she has also repeatedly demonstrated her love of helping others in the work she does. Her visibility only surpasses her passion in the Bronx community where she lives, and she is so hopeful of raising the bar in professionalism within the helping profession. Her books are an offshoot of her work and read that way. They are organic in text and provide case examples through her life and love of living. This is chick-lit like never seen before until Ms. Belle entered the literary scene with Climbing Towards November. Highly recommended and acclaimed by Mental Health Affairs, we present this page to showcase her many talents!


Max E. Guttman reviews CLIMBING TOWARDS NOVEMBER@maxwellguttman

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Admittedly, this isn’t just a review. This is partly a confession and primarily a book review of Ember Manos-Belle novel Climbing Toward November. I have a difficult time reading. Even as a book author and literary scholar. There, I’ve confessed it.

I don’t often read. This read was unexpected and a rare treat for me. This author is a modern-day maverick in the literary realm. She has moxie. There, I said it. She takes on topics usually traversed by people of authority, credence, and maybe even the law. In this sense, the reader is left asking: who exactly, is Ember Manos-Belle. Is she a lawyer, doctor, sociologist, anthropologist?

After reading Climbing Toward November, the reader cannot be certain as a wide, comprehensive range of topics, issues, and taboos are passed through with the author’s gentle, humorous, and at times, whimsical approach. With a scholarly hand, Ember both gestures, and questions long-standing social issues. In doing so, her at times, idealist way of seeing the world is juxtaposed with base, trite, and unfiltered realism.

This book is real. This book is raw. The filter is there, hanging by a thread. As the book unfolds, this thread dangles. Hanging, mocking, and revealing the real darkness within Ember. Darkness familiar to most of us all too often when we choose to get in touch with our emotions and connect with the world even when it is active is rejecting us.

Over the course of a day, the reader will climb towards November with Ember. This is a journey that begins with a door. An extended metaphor carried through the life of the protagonist as the reader ascends into the literary world of Manos-Belle’s masterpiece! I highly recommend this book to everyone.