Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Our Final Solution

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Our Final Solution to the mental health crisis today dates back to 1930’s/40’s Germany. During the Holocaust, the Nazi’s were fixated on answering questions. The most infamous question, or answer, was the final solution. The final solution answered the looming Jewish question. This question, what is the future for Jews in Europe, specifically Germany, but as the war unfolded, lands occupied by the German military.

The Nazi’s termed their government body for managing the final solution of the Jewish question as the office of Jewish affairs. This office, operated by Jews, and run by their Nazi overseers, had a hand in carrying out the final solution and the eradication of European Jews in the 1940’s. This office acted with great haste and expediency to carry out the Holocaust at the most local level in peoples homes and communities.

Here at Mental Health Affairs, we choose to remember the voices of our not so distant history and legacies of people that survived during institutionalization and other medical & psychiatric interventions that maimed souls and destroyed futures. In doing so, we chose to re-appropriate the Nazi phraseology “Jewish affairs” for our purposes. Together we will re-define the manner in which mental health is treated at the very level of language.

Here at, we believe people carry diagnoses, they are not defined by them or limited by the branding of any clinician reading the DSM 5 or any manual or philosophy that puts boundaries and establishes a so called prognosis around the future of individuals or a group of people. Such limited and superficial writing on mental health is what this blog aims to avoid and conversely chooses to defy openly with its domain name.

Ultimately, after centuries of torture & mistreatment due to a fundamental gap in research in mental health and related fields we are taking the ethical high ground and delivering information that is only person centered and leave it at your doorstep without harming this vulnerable population further.

Now is the time for an urgent critique of existing bodies of knowledge out there. Here, we will challenge the experts, disrupt their hegemonic domination of the discourse, and suggest a better plan for people carrying a mental health diagnosis or struggling in their life with personal battles due to not being armed with the right information.

This is our final solution to the Crisis in Mental Health

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