Our Mission & Vision 👁

The mission of mentalhealthaffairs.org is undeniably first and foremost to create a safe space and asylum for people seeking out new information for available services & treatment of their medical or psychiatric condition.

This forum is is not intended to coordinate immediate clinical emergencies. If you need immediate medical attention please call 911 or proceed to your local emergency room. This is also not a space to judge others regardless of their presentation; disposition, mental status, disability, sexuality, gender identity or expression. Bloggers that violate this warning will be removed from banned from this website. Mentalhealthaffairs.org is a community which is fundamentally important to establish a new culture surrounding the delivery of mental health services and the manner in which treatment, advocacy & community psycho-education is rendered by systems of care and prepared for consumption in our communities. It is our belief that change always begins with a conversation between parties with a vested interest and ultimately the stakeholders that levy reform. It is my hope all people here feel comfortable to have a voice in this cause and feel like speaking up will make a difference. Whether you are looking for advice, counseling, support, or feel like proposing changes within the mental hygiene legal system, speak up & re-blog! This blog is aimed to deliver the latest trends in care to practitioners, peers, folks with lived experience, caregivers, allies and friends of those carrying a diagnosis and people whom have departed from psychiatry and are psychiatric survivors of the mental health system. It is the vision of this blog that all readers have a purpose and voice in their treatment & can benefit from the resources available in this blog. Hopefully, this mission & vision will help establish a culture in which providers, peers, and all people in mental health can and will expect major shifts in outcomes with Mental Health treatment. The road ahead of us has many obstacles before universal access to treatment can implemented but these challenges must be met head on if we are to move mental health treatment forward into modernity. We still need allies and advocates to lobby for community based services so they can benefit, expand further & have the resources to take up our cause and incorporate it into the very structure of their organizations. Bloggers should feel comfortable requesting that this mission be updated & or revised as trends continue to change the manner in which discourse is packaged & consumed for consumption & presented for debate by this community and its members.