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  1. The Building Super: How This Unsung Hero Helps Maintain Our Mental Health
  2. The Upward Mobility of Recovery
  3. Why Ghosting Is The Worst Choice You Can Make In Any Relationship
  5. How to Benefit the Most from Mental Health Treatment
  6. Happy Times Can Lead to a Positive Life   
  7. How To Be More Confident: Ditch Your Ego And Trust Yourself
  8. Learned Helplessness and Self-Determination in Mental Health
  9. How to avoid Splitting
  10. Why Social Work Month 2023 Will Be The Best Yet

Mental Health Affairs aims to bring readers the most critical and rigorous analytical commentary on the status of all things mental health: re-appropriated!

The podcast operates as a piece of observational journalism.

Far too many stories and firsthand accounts of recovery are terminal and end with a cure or picturesque life for the consumer of services or “sick” person. These recovery narratives are different. They are stories about struggle, ongoing collateral pushback from friends, and internalized self-doubt.

Daily writing prompt
What place in the world do you never want to visit? Why?