NAMI doesn’t Speak for US

“So, when I say, or hear, that NAMI doesn’t speak for us, it is because they speak for my mother, my father, my brother, but not me” The Mental Health Awareness campaigns of modernity (e.g. Mental Health Month), commonly associated with “friendly” and person centered staff in your […]

Too Big to Fail

Too Big to Fail Undeniably, our support systems, both natural, and artificial, play a vital role in our health & capacity to heal from sickness. Our supports have several important roles in our recovery & ability to problem-solve difficult situations without incident. It is my professional experience as […]

Addressing Symptoms: Mania

Mania can seem like the best high in the world. Mania is all intoxicating. Mania can make you believe and buy into fantasies of all shapes, sizes and forms. During a manic episode, you can transcend historical points of reference and religious symbolism/iconography prescribed by your belief system […]

Our Community & Mental Health

Where we live, grow up, work, and spend our time impacts our chances for success and ultimately survival in the world. Ever hear the expression: Person versus environment. It is an age-old debate on whether certain aspects of our success and/or failures is due in part to where […]

Owning it

Sometimes, as people, we hurt others. Regardless if it’s intentional or not, we are supposed to accept personal responsibility for our actions. My question is: should this always be the formula for resolving interpersonal battles? Guilt the person who is wrong into feeling some part in the creating […]

Dignity in Risk & Risk of Harm

Unquestionably, the spectrum between negligence and overprotection carries with it serious implications in clinical & peer professional practice in mental health. Even in our personal lives, we have friends and family we care for and we wonder where the line is drawn when it comes to caregiving or […]

The War on Diagnosis

There is no question that in the mental health system peers and clinicians are divided on the issue of diagnosis. As a peer and a clinician I will suggest a bi-party solution to this age old divisive question in modern day mental health treatment. At the root of […]


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