The Power of Support

Written by Sabrina Johnson LMSW & Max Guttman LCSW This article is intended to showcase the power of support for people with a medical and psychiatric condition. We all need support in our lives. Obviously support and its power to create a space of safety & even asylum […]

Mental Health & Higher Education

Too many people carrying a mental health diagnosis in higher education are subject to discrimination, unfair and disproportionate disciplinary action & premature expulsion from campus life. While colleges have services for people with mental health disabilities, treatment programs, and on site consultation for community vendors providing assistance, the […]

Can I Spit in your Lemon Cake?

During my first inpatient psychiatric experience as an adolescent I discovered that snack time was a crucial part of the day. Not only did snack time break up a monotonous schedule but it created an experience for patients in a hospital setting to enjoy, even savor the moment […]

Hope & Recovery

Create your action plan this very moment and get started walking your path to recovery now, today!  We all have it. We all need it to survive in this world. The problem for most of us is accessing it and discovering its importance in emboldening our steps towards […]

Total Recovery

  Everyday will be a fight. Everything a weapon in your arsenal against your illness.  Everything moving in the wrong direction? Is your health falling apart? Let’s be frank. Nobody ever said recovery or healing are easy things to do. In fact, progress and lasting gains to better […]

The Relapse Prevention Plan

We all have “setbacks”. I like to think of setbacks as learning moments. There are many ways of discovering new ways of understanding relapse, the re-activation of symptoms & your response to environmental triggers which may complicate your mental status further. The most important factor to keep in […]

Stigma: an Evolution and an Ending

  Fear, paranoia, discrimination, and unabashedly hostile attitudes are held against people carrying a mental health diagnosis. Stigma is alive today. This article is designed to arm readers with a critical skill set to disarm stigma in the mental health system and society at large. As the article […]

The New YOU!

We grow, evolve, and develop everyday. A diagnosis, a label, problem or challenge that surfaces in our life doesn’t mean your situation is any worse than it was before the obstacle you now face came into existence. More importantly, though, accepting you will never be “the old you, […]

Allies in Recovery: The Point Person 

Therapists, Case and Care managers come and go, but your recovery must go on and continue through staff changes with your provider and mental health agency. This article is intended to help readers select a point person within their natural supports networks that will carry the torch beyond […]


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