Have you considered hiring Mental Health Affairs? MHA is always interested in creating new local and international partnerships with companies, organizations, and government departments. MHA is a trusted global consulting agent. MHA works with local communities and organizations in the United States, the UK, and South America.

Utilizing an open consultation process, MHA’s consultants don’t operate in silos. Our approach to mental health is organic, responsive, culturally competent, and detail-oriented. Your company, organization, or local government unit can expect incredible attention with our methods. MHA utilizes a transparent consultation plan for every project so expect to be a part of the change process.

MHA’s consultants believe that positive, lasting change in mental health care hinges on open, goal-driven consultation. MHA records results in real time and work at lightning speed so expect results when your hire MHA.

We offer short, and long-term plans and are flexible when accepting new contracts from LGUs (Local Government Units), Non-Profits, and Community organizations intersecting with the mental health system.

Contact Ana Edmonds (ana.edmonds@anaedmedeiros) for more information on our pricing for new contracts for 2023.

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