J. Peters Book Series

University on Watch is a story about youthful hope, yearning for more, and triumph over failures and mistakes beyond our own control and doing. The book is a native story to New York, but couldn’t be more otherworldly, at times supernatural and grippingly suspenseful as the book unfolds. The crisis in the academy, or New London University, is one that goes to the very epicenter of higher learning and education. This crisis also is conjectured, created by the mind of Jacques Peters, a student rejected from the graduate school in English at New London University. Jacques Peters will do everything in his power to uncover the reason for his rejection to move on to higher learning and graduate school. Through uncovering the root of power in language, something Jacques Peters calls meta-power, this student stops at nothing to hold the university officials, department offices, and community at large accountable for terminating his education prematurely. Mr. Peters will travel across New York State, visiting friends, loved ones, and old friends from his past to challenge the events unfolding in his college and in the department office in New London. There, Mr. Peters will undergo another transformation while contesting the admission decision to the very end, putting his health and life at risk forever.


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