Relapsing: Surrendering Privileges

The best part of recovery is gaining access to new responsibilities, materials, information; and all the good things that come with stable living. Given that relapse is an inevitable part of recovery, I plan to explore the loss of material, access, and resources attributed to relapsing and mental status degradation. There are many possible losses. We will explore the material and access related issues associated with relapsing and active or unmanageable symptoms.

The biggest loser usually in a persons life relapsing is hygiene and on a larger level, the persons living environment or home. It may be a matter of neglecting cleaning or not being aware of dirt disorganization in the home or it may go even deeper. Many people who relapse stop working and can’t pay their rent. Many carrying diagnoses lose their homes during relapse from symptoms. Sadly I have witnessed police storming doorways with shields to access a home fortified for the “end” to avoid being evicted. Barricading yourself in the home or something even worse is never the answer. It may even further your risk of relapsing more acutely if you go against police orders or personnel it will only exaggerate your problems and complicate you relapse even more deeply.

Transportation is usually another likely candidate to suffer during relapse. Not having money for gas or tickets makes maintaining a vehicle very complex during relapse. I can say first hand during my relapses I find myself taking public transportation. I have lost vehicles during relapse just to be located years later. Remember to get you know how to get around town in the event you aren’t driving and are dependent on public transportation. It may be your only method of navigating through the darker moments of your relapse.

Many folks lose access to information. Paying cell phone bills and connectivity to the internet. All of these non material ports to the world and it’s information make recovery impossible without having unrestricted access. Get a library card and get to know your feee wi fi hot spots in the event you lose internet. Remember the government issues phones for low income families and people having financial issues paying traditional phone bills. When you relapse, you may need to call providers of treatment personal and without access to a phone your relapse may only deepen.

The worst privilege to lose during relapse is the freedom of healthily living. With healthy living comes with it life circumstances which support wellness and mental hygiene. There is no question that when we lose healthy living practices we lose the freedom to be good to our bodies and minds and treat ourselves kindly and with respect at all times. Relapsing means surrendering some of these healthy moments for symptomatic periods of distress in which it is more difficult to life peaceably with the world at large and adjust to our situations accordingly.

If you live in a group home or apartment treatment facility relapse usually brings with it more concrete freedoms that may be stripped away. Sometimes relapsing means changes in curfew or even may trigger reduced independence in the community when the doors to your residence are usually open for residents to come and go freely. Relapse can mean many things. The addition of new medication or a change in dosage. It can also mean losing housing or moving into a residence with more supervision and more restrictions placed on your freedoms. In any event, be mindful of what the loses really mean for the bigger picture. Ultimately, your pathway back to health and wellness.

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