Submitting Blogs * Pitch * Query Letter

Our editorial staff will work with you on any revisions that we believe may help to create a clear, concise, and thematically tight piece.  

Not all blogs are accepted for publication at Mental Health Affairs. Reasons for this might include the quality of writing, the length, or that the story doesn’t ask us, in some way, to rethink mental health treatment.

BlOGS – We publish blogs in four general domains for mental health literature—prosumer articles, poetry, peer, and clinical. 

Prosumer: Prosumer articles blend clinical and peer perspectives. 

Peer: Peer articles are generally more rooted in lived experience, personal stories, and systems issues. A ‘personal story’ is defined as your story of being in relationship to psychiatry and/or the mental health system, whatever that means to you. It might involve your opinions and analysis of what happened to you, as well.

Clinical: Clinical articles are more aligned with the inner workings of the therapeutic process, clinical social work, and psychology. Many of these articles evaluate EBP (Evidence-Based Practices), treatment modalities, measures, and the clinical process related to mental health treatment. 

Poetry: We also publish poetry laden with mental health metaphors highlighting the various personal experiences with symptoms or reflections on their journey towards healing. 

We prefer publishing articles intersecting one or more domains of Mental health literature.

Possible Topics

  • Addiction        
  • Anxiety      
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19       
  • Education      
  • Health and Wellness      
  • Housing       
  • Public Policy      
  • Race and Racism     
  • Recovery       
  • Service Providers  
  • Social Determinants of Health      
  • Suicide

Editorial Needs:

If your submission meet the editorial requirements of the blog an editor will reach out to you via email and may request you make further revisions to your writing. We reserve the right to make final adjustments and revisions to your work.

You will get an email with the final edited copy prior to your blog going live on the site. Due to the large volume of submissions were are not able to always offer feedback to rejected submissions.