Blog Submission Guidelines

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  • The article should cross an “intersection” of mental or behavioral health, a diagnosis, or a condition

  • Word doc preferred

  • 800-1200 words

  • 12-point font

  • Single spaced. No space between paragraphs

  • Optional: provide your photo if you are the author

  • All submissions are subject to editorial changes for grammar, spelling and to make the author’s voice as clear as possible. Edited versions will be sent to authors for their approval

  • Do not push medicine non-adherence or advise on how to ween off of medicine. Even if medicines ruined your life, others might not have had your experience. Speak for yourself and not for others.

  • Do not push medicine as the cure for mental illness. What works for you may not work for someone else. Speak for yourself and not for others.

  • Do not provide medical advice.

  • Due to limited space and the high volume of submissions to Mental Health Affairs, you may not hear back from an editor for at least 72 hours.